Terms and Conditions

Accepting a disclaimer of liability

1. We have tried our best in selecting reputed and best service providers after we inspect their infrastructure, however, we have no direct control over such services or persons providing such services or their staff.

2. We will do our best to satisfy you and if there is a defect or deficiency in the services provided by any supplier or if a client is not satisfied with a particular service, we can take up the matter with the supplier if we are communicated immediately.

3. Any delay injury, death, loss or damage is caused on the above account does not render us liable to the clients.

4. As we book services in advance and are bound to honor the commitments as to payment to the suppliers, cancellation of services results in the company losing money depending upon the time of communication of cancellation to the supplier and therefore, we do not have provision to refund your booking amount.

5. We upload the web-pages several months in advance. Naturally, the web-pages describe the then available services as accurately as possible. However, factors and circumstances beyond our control like traffic problems, weather conditions, fairs, festivals, sport events, political/religious gatherings, strikes, change of management/closure of hotels/restaurants, over booking of hotels/flights, cancellation/ re-routing of flights or railway, closure of / restricted entry at a place of sight seeing may result in changes in the services / itineraries. We therefore, reserve the absolute right to alter, amend, change or modify the Tour Package, Itineraries, Tour Schedule, the Travel Plan and sightseeing. Where we may know of these sufficiently in advance we would notify you, otherwise our Tour Managers or local representative/s would inform you of the changes on the spot.In case the alternate arrangements made are materially superior as compared to the onesdescribed in the website, we may charge extra for the same anytime.

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